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Praise for We Are the Fire

From the Swoon Reads community

"The character development is so robust and real: both Oksana and Pran are fully-fleshed out people who I love and who infuriate me at the same time. I haven't read such a dynamic relationship in a long time—where nothing is black and white, both sides are valid, and the heartache is so real. SO GOOD!!!" —Daisy

"WOW. ... The plot is fast paced and exciting, and had me guessing “HOLY CRAP WHAT’S GONNA HAPPEN HOW ARE THEY GONNA GET OUT OF THIS” until the end. It was a fantastic read, and I cannot recommend it enough!!" —LindsayLHess

"The writing is beautiful, and I love how much tension is packed in each chapter. I couldn't stop reading. It's one of those stories that has stayed with me long after reading it." —Kimberly

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