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Praise for We Are the Fire

Set to fill the Ember in the Ashes-shaped void in your heart.


With a smoldering romance and characters that leap off the page, this book is a fiery new addition to the young adult fantasy world.

—Pine Reads Review

Brutally monstrous and achingly humanWe Are the Fire is a tale that is sprawling and intimate, beautiful and grotesque. Told at breakneck speed, the narrative is as unforgiving as its world, where love is dangerous, hope is fleeting, and the same fire that built the empire can tear it back down.

—Nicki Pau Preto, author of Crown of Feathers

Beautiful, haunting, and fierce, We Are the Fire is a riveting debut that will burn its way into your soul.

―Kim Smejkal, author of Ink in the Blood and Curse of the Divine

At once brutal and tender, this heart-pounding debut will make you ponder what it means to be monstrous―and what it costs to be human.

―Joanna Ruth Meyer, author of Echo North and Into the Heartless Wood 

A well-paced fantasy steeped in folklore and alchemy. Deeply developed characters and a sharply written plot give We Are the Fire a dramatic intensity that readers will fall in love with. Perfect for fans of Cursed by Thomas Wheeler.

—B. R. Myers, author of Rogue Princess

A riveting fantasy that had me spellbound. Told in dual POV, both Oksana and Pran are well-rounded characters with plenty of flaws and morally gray decisions. Fantasy and science are mixed together in this stand-alone book over a simmering flame: Ready to explode.

—Samantha Hastings, author of The Last Word and The Invention of Sophie Carter

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